Thursday, 18 April 2013

Where did the day go?

Crumbs, it's already 9.30, and I have no idea what I've been doing all day other than the most gruesomely boring and detailed orchestrations for the White City project.

I made some lunch, I think, but being buried underneath heavy duty headphones for 12 solid hours is enough to make you lose your mind. The ones I'm currently using cut off a lot of sound around me, and can end up being rather disorientating.

I know I went up to the Tesco superstore on Colney Hatch Lane to collect some prizes for the quiz this morning. I phoned Haringey Council en route to speak to someone about our nemesis, the objectionable couple who live at the top of Hillside Gardens, who have so regularly put notes on the car which complain about our parking outside their house, that we've stopped caring. The little minxes have managed to get the parking space replaced by a single yellow line, and I wanted to complain vociferously about the fact. In an ideal world no one would have to look at a car whilst they're washing up but we live in London where no one has garages! Where are the cars going to go if they every NIMBY refuses to cooperate? 

My call didn't do much good. These things are almost always impossible to reverse in retrospect, but I liked the guy I spoke to enormously, and he promised to look into a few options in terms of replacing the parking space somewhere else. Last night, for example, I couldn't park my car on the street at all.

I made a start on an application to the Arts Council today and spent an entire afternoon just inputting figures into their very complicated budget system. These applications can take weeks to fill in. I don't blame them, because it certainly sorts out the men from the boys and those who want funding from those who simply think it might be nice, but blimey it's hard work! 

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