Tuesday, 30 April 2013


It's been a very bitty day, filled with a series of mini-rehearsals which kicked off with the divine Michelle, whose voice seems to be improving on a daily basis since starting her lessons with Jem. We had lunch at the spoon before welcoming Abbie into the fold to repeat the same music from an alto's perspective. 

After rehearsing, Abbie sat in the sitting room with Nathan looking at preposterous knit-wear designs. I have a horrible feeling she's going to become Nathan's knitting famulus. She seemed a little too keen on starting on a project which Nathan described as the knitters' equivalent of self-harm!

I've had a general sense all day that there were a million things that needed to be done which I had no control over. The biggest task of all was to record demo tracks of the songs from White City to hand out to contributors tomorrow. The problem is that Nathan has to be present whilst I sing them because he understands the kit and he's been out a-knitting all evening. Instead of relaxing, of course, I sat in front of my computer researching arts funding organisations for future projects. I have the weight of being out of work from the end of June weighing very heavily on my shoulders. 

We've gone for kebabs for tea prompting even more general panic because I now feel that I have saturated fat literally flowing through my veins. I haven't felt normal for weeks now and am thinking perhaps it might be good to be unemployed for a while simply to gain a sense of equilibrium again. It won't happen tonight. At 11pm, we've got to start recording again. My tummy feels nervous. Homework tummy. All I need now is for Songs of Praise to be on telly. 

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