Thursday, 25 April 2013

Long nights

Wow. Would you believe it? Everything on Nathan's computer has turned up except the quiz rounds we created! How ironic is that?!

I've been in Chester all day. 4 hours there. 4 hours back. I ache all over. My voice is hoarse. 

I've been teaching conference delegates at Chester Race Course how to sing Take That's Shine. There were loads of them and I had to shout rather loudly. They were a wonderfully rowdy bunch, who were obviously up for a laugh and I think they did rather well. At the end of the day they got to sing the song with a live band, which is a treat for almost anyone! 

There's little else to say, really. These things always run rather smoothly and I met some brilliant people, including an amazing gospel singer. 

I dropped a pianist off in St Albans and got myself lost in the process. For the record, the M1 is really badly signposted from the centre of that particular city. 

Right. I've got to get back to the quiz. To quote Julie from Fame, "it's gonna be a long night..." Now is that a clue, I wonder? 

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