Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rain storms and cellos

There's something quintessentially British about sitting in a rain storm eating a chip butty isn't there? I found myself perched on a little wall in Muswell Hill doing just that at lunch time today with nothing but a cloth cap to keep me dry. Where was the whippet? I hear you cry! 

We were, as usual, promised a fairly decent afternoon weather-wise, so when the rain started pelting down, I was horrified - and stranded like a cow in a field.

To make matters worse, I was carrying my 'cello which isn't renowned as one of the most portable instruments. You can't make a dash for cover with that on your back, let me tell you! 

I was on my way to Llio's house where I was due to record some 'cello music for her new album.

After walking a mile to the nearest bus stop and waiting there for what seemed like hours, I eventually got on an appropriate bus. It was full of old ladies coming home from shopping and it smelt of pear drops, mouldy plastic rain hats and wee! 

The session at Lli's was somewhat hard going, largely because her music is so beautiful I wanted to do it properly, but also because we were working on a piece in a slow 12/8 time, which required the most astonishing amount of stamina. I felt incredibly exposed. 

I was recording in the upstairs bedroom with a cup of tea and a plate of Jaffa cakes whilst they were downstairs. At one point I was playing with a rainbow-coloured scarf over my nose to take away the sound of my sniffing: something I do rather a lot when I play, unfortunately.  I looked like the gayest member of Al Qaeda and Lli nearly wet herself when she saw me. 

I think I did alright, however, and once they've spliced together a few of the best takes I'm hoping they'll have something rather nice. Lli treated me to a taxi home, which was so kind of her. The driver was as perplexed about the weather as me, but he showed me a short cut around the back of Muswell Hill which I shall definitely use in the future, so that was nice. 

That's probably the lamest signing off for a blog ever, but I'm tired and really can't be bothered to think of something more profound! 

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