Sunday, 16 March 2014

Changing Expectations 1

We've been in Thaxted all day, filming my Mother singing her vocals in the wedding song she's performing with Nathan's Mum. Tonight, the circus travels all the way to Shropshire so that the entire process can start all over again with Celia. I rather like the fact that the two women have recorded and filmed a duet without ever having been in the same place at the same time.

I was incredibly impressed by my mother today. She worked incredibly hard to get things right and has a luminous, intriguing quality, which will definitely pull people in. In film casting terms, we'd say she had a "vivid interior." I felt incredibly proud.

It was a fairly relaxed day by filming standards; well-organised by our shoot director, Ellen, and well-paced. I didn't have a great deal to do. My task was merely to make sure my Mum was singing all her words in time, and that she wasn't finding anything too tiring. The whole project was a big ask of her. I hope she'll be delighted with the results.

The sun shone brightly all day. We filmed in the garden and it was unseasonably hot. The daffodils were out in force, and the garden was a sea of Easter yellow. There was a remarkable sunset this evening; great big ribbons of gold streaking across the sky, which melted into a glorious full moon.

Our sat nav took us on a strange route North, and we ended up driving past Audley End instead of going through the middle of Saffron Walden. Audley End is a huge stately home, which was lit up magnificently tonight in a sort of biscuity-coloured light made all the more remarkable by the moon, which was glowing above it like a hot air balloon in the coal-black sky.

Still buzzing about yesterday. I had such a wonderful day.

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