Wednesday, 12 March 2014


It's a little misty and balmy tonight. The air is humming with the smell of early blossom and marihuana. Spring is definitely on its way. The birds know. The sun is setting and they're going crazy!

The area around Julian's house in Crouch End is quieter than any village I know. We noticed this as we walked along Parkland Walk for lunch in a community centre. You can't hear traffic. There don't seem to be any planes. Just birds. Singing louder and louder. It's a joy to hear them.

It was a treat to have lunch out - a vegetarian lasagne, salad and a drink for £4.80 - although I was slightly surprised when the man behind the counter asked if I had anything smaller than the £10 I gave him. Surely that's the question you ask when someone hands you a £20 note when all they're buying is a tube of polos?

Today saw the mixing process heating up. We're not quite as far on as I'd like us to be, but we're getting there slowly, and comments about our work have been more than favourable from the powers that be.

I have to say, it's a proper treat to make one of my films with contributors who are all known to me. The idea of a film which documents every one of my friends and family, and how we all looked in 2014, is so intensely powerful and moving. I'm sure we'll have all sorts of trolls and things wanting to have a pop at us for doing it, but I have to keep pinching myself at the thought of how lucky we are, not just to be gay men in the UK (because God knows it's painful to think about what's going on elsewhere in the world), but because Channel 4 have given us the opportunity to celebrate March 29th with our loved ones. If I leave no other legacy in this world, at least Nathan and I will be inextricably bound to a momentous occasion. In 200 years, when people say, "can you believe it used to be illegal for two men to get married?" People will be able to look at the history books and say, "and on the day the law changed, two men actually got married in a musical..." I worry, of course, that the next question will be, "but what's a musical?" But that's perhaps another soap box to be dusted off when I get stuck in to Brass!

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