Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Changing Expectations 2

It's been another very long day, which started at the crack of dawn in Shropshire and finished in London with a midnight jog. We've been filming Nathan's mother, Celia, all day with the same rather lovely four-person crew as yesterday. It was a fun shoot, an almost shot-for-shot repeat of yesterday, but because Nathan was there today, I was able to vanish and get on with writing some of the live music, which the rush to complete all the recorded music has meant I've rather neglected. We're still rather stupidly stressed, but every day brings new reliefs.

Celia was brilliant. Very different from my mother, but just as good. Celia has more of a show-queen to her performance whilst my mother feels like a theatrical grand dame. One is Angela Landsbury. The other, Judi Dench. One light, charming. The other full of pain and gravitas. Both are infinitely watchable. We were both incredibly proud. The film will look spectacular and cut together brilliantly.

Nathan's sister, nieces, nephews and great niece joined us later in the day to record their solo in another one of our prerecorded film sequences. We shot them in front of a green screen, which was quite a lot of fun.

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