Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Another day of mayhem... Or a dayhem. It's almost midnight and we've just returned from Thaxted where we recorded my Mum singing vocals on one of our wedding songs. She's actually duetting with Nathan's Mum. How cool and moving is that?

Celia, Nathan's Mum, came into the London studio earlier today to lay down her vocals. We're recording at Julian's house at the moment, which is actually a vicarage in Crouch End. Julian's partner, Carla, is vicar of the Swiss Church in Covent Garden and it makes a wonderful change to be at their tall-ceilinged pad, just around the corner from our own (slightly more humble) abode.

Nathan's Mum turned up with a massive picnic basket filled with cakes and fruit, determined to feed "her boys." Star item was the fruit cake. Nathan nearly threw a tantrum when I suggested the cake be left with Julian as a thank you. Apparently cake as good as Celia's fruit cake gets shared with no one!

Both mothers sang beautifully. I don't think many people in the world could say they've written a song which was recorded by their mother and future mother-in-law! We're incredibly lucky guys.

Other highlights and giggles from today include Sara Kestelman coming in and singing her solo line, and the illimitable Philip Sallon, who gave us the most extreme rendition of any solo line imaginable.

Things are slowly coming together, and, by the end of the week, if nothing else, we'll have a really decent concept album of our wedding!

The one thing I'm worried about is this RSI/ tendon damage I've got on the top of my right hand, which is definitely getting worse, and making playing the piano almost impossible, and typing pretty difficult as well.

My poor body is falling apart!

A helicopter is circling our house...
They've finally come to get me!

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