Saturday, 29 March 2014


We received a beautiful bunch of roses today from Katie Melua! How mad and wonderful is that? I adore Katie Melua, and think her voice is just fabulous.

We also received a letter from Michael Stipe from REM! Another great thrill. It's absolutely insane to think how many people around the world support gay marriage and how special we feel to be the poster boys for March 29th.

Derren Brown just tweeted the news and, to quote the opening number of our musical, "twitter's gone crazy!"

Today was a day of wall-to-wall rehearsals, the odd mini-tantrum, a few muffins and a lot of very cold feet.

I'm not sure it could be classed as the best set of rehearsals in the world. We ran out of time before we got around to some of the stuff I was keen to get to... But we have a lot of time for rehearsals tomorrow before the wedding itself, and the venue looks remarkably beautiful. I mean, properly stunning. Awe-inspiringly amazing. I can't believe how hard the people from Wingspan must have worked to get everything looking that good. I think guests will gasp. They can't not!

Obviously we're shitting bricks, and sadly our state of mind has been really badly effected by Radio 5 Live, who requested an interview with us, firstly for 10pm, then for 11pm, then kept us waiting on the phone listening to a horrible debate which they wouldn't allow us to comment on for 45 minutes. It was a terrible waste of our time, and has really wound me up at a time when we should have been relaxing and thinking positive thoughts, not hearing the ghastly whinging of religious zealots saying that gay people shouldn't get married "because of the children." It's a flawed, rather tragic argument. It strikes me that people always "think about the children" when all other arguments are lost. Very shoddy work on behalf of the producer. Very shoddy.

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  1. No worries Ben it is All going to great and amazing for us ALL.
    Now stress aside and enjoy the day, love to you both xxxxx