Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

It appears to have been another very pleasant early spring day today. Nathan and I were a little housebound, although we ventured into town at 4pm to do a bit of shopping for our wedding.

It was a fairly stressful morning. I continued to stumble my way through setting the registrar's words, and Nathan rejected one of my efforts. He was right to. It wasn't very good, but it caused a degree of friction for a short while. I took out my frustration on a pair of headphones which were flung across the room in disgust!

Quite a lot of my anxiety, I maintain, can be put down to hunger, but that's no excuse...

Still, I'm heading towards a rather magical moment when I can down the quill and say the writing is complete. Gosh, won't that feel good!?

Fiona in Brighton is simultaneously doing an arrangement of one of the songs that our special guests are singing. It's lovely to be able to relax in the knowledge that this particular number is in safe hands.

We came into town with hopes of ticking six things off on a list of wedding necessities; rings, shirt, shoes, belt, bow tie, trousers. We sorted rings, shoes and (sort of) shirts. I realise I'm being too specific with my bow tie requirements, but our search took us to the web and a site called Mrs Bow Tie, where I found something the right colour, but the wrong shape. And yes, bow ties come in myriad shapes. I ended up buying three, in different shades of purple, so we'll see which one suits the ensemble the best!

Speaking of ensemble, we went to see our wonderful friend Ian in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Savoy Theatre tonight. It was a most enjoyable experience, and a real treat to get away from the wedding and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world for a short time. Ian is covering the fabulous Robert Lindsay, which means he's not that well-featured in the ensemble sequences, but it's so lovely to see him doing his thing on a West End stage.

I see the government are bringing in a new 12-sided £1 coin. Apparently 3% of all current quid coins in circulation are fakes - a quite staggering statistic - and the new shape and design will make this coin the most difficult in the world to counterfeit.

I'm slightly horrified to learn that the coin arrived in the UK in 1983. 30 years ago! I'm horrified because I remember it so well. My Mum came into our school and gave one to each of us (Brother Edward and me, obviously, rather than each of the students at the school.) All the kids in my form gathered around and started staring at it. I, of course, felt rich more than privileged to be looking at a monetary first!

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