Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring symphony

Parkland walk was deliciously hazy this morning. Almost as though an impressionist painter had covered the trees in a fine layer of chiffon! The bird of the day was the robin. They have a remarkably distinctive, tuneful song, and would appear to be fairly inquisitive little fellows, because three or four of them stopped on tree branches right next to me to perform a mini-aria! I swear one of them was looking at me as though to say; "call yourself a musician? Transcribe this!"

I have to say, I feel life would be a lot happier if everyone were forced to walk the length of Parkland Walk twice a day in the early spring. The optimism one feels from nature is quite staggering. I'd like to suggest everyone reading this blog finds time to commune with nature this weekend. Go to a park, or get your wellies on for a long walk. If you're a city dweller, get a train, car or bus into the countryside, so you can hear the birds and see the trees awakening. Sorry to go all hippy and new agey on you all, but I've been astonished by how much less stressed I've been after these walks.

With each new day, more blossom arrives in Crouch End. It's staggering.

We sort of finished mixing the music today, although Julian has more work to do over the weekend to tidy things and we have a session on Tuesday morning, where, with fresh ears, we can listen to the songs and do a final set of notes.

I got in a state again this evening when the tailor I thought was going to make me my wedding suit jacket pulled out because he didn't feel there was enough time. Plainly we shouldn't have left all of this til the last minute, but when you only have five weeks to write and prepare a wedding, certain things like rings, crash diets and suits fall by the wayside.

Heaven knows what I'll wear. We have an hour tomorrow morning allotted for the business of shopping. The divine Sally Livingstone from RAFTA has offered to make me a waistcoat in a fabric of my choosing, so if I have nothing else, I shall have a lovely bit of fabric wrapped around my enormously fat belly!

I'm rather hoping to look a little bit Edwardian, but as time ticks by, I realise that what I want, and what I can afford (both financially and in the two weeks we have left) is supremely  limited. It's not a very nice feeling!

Still, with every new day, a hundred points get ticked off the list, and perhaps only fifty or sixty more get added, so there's a definite sense of winning the war, even though some of the mini-skirmishes are currently being lost!

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