Monday, 31 March 2014


We've been in the edit most of this evening, trying to make cuts to the overall length of our film for the broadcast tomorrow night. It's a fairly thankless task, because, when a film is overrunning by five minutes or so, there are some hefty cuts which need to be made, which feel just awful. Fortunately, I have pretty much been taken out of the equation when it comes to making these terrible decisions. Sometimes it's nice not to be completely in charge!

We had a day off today. The first since our stag do. Oddly we couldn't lie-in for love nor money, and were completely wide-eyed by about 9am, so we went into Muswell Hill where we met Cindy, Silvia and Llio for lunch before embarking on a very lovely walk around Highgate and then Queens Wood. It's very definitely spring and the birds were going crazy; a cacophony of happiness. Queens Wood is such a peculiar place. It has a very heavy atmosphere, and I wasn't surprised to learn recently that it is the focus of much Wiccan and Pagan activity.

There were two extraordinarily brightly-coloured ducks floating about on a newly-created frog pond in the wood. We looked at them for some time, marvelling at their colour, wondering what sort of ducks they were. The word "mandarin" suddenly popped into my head, and sure enough, when we googled "mandarin duck", we discovered that we were indeed staring at said type of duck!

I can't really believe that the day after I got married in a crazy landmark wedding, I'm writing about ducks! Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Or is it the other way round?

Stay tuned, however, because we're going on This Morning tomorrow! The circus continues...

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  1. Your blogs are never rediculous
    so funny , informative and I often find out what Nathan is upto.
    what a wonderful wedding day,
    will be watching you this morning and at 10pm, xxxx