Saturday, 17 October 2015


Nathan and I worked all afternoon today on the mystery project. The process we're going through at the moment is very tiring as it involves a huge amount of focus and concentration. I kept breaking off to clean windows and things! Our kitchen is now spotless beyond words! I even cleaned down the side of the fridge.

We went for a lovely stroll at dusk which took us through Highgate and Queens Woods. We also found ourselves walking down Cranley Gardens, stopping briefly outside number 23, which was the site of so much terror in the early 1980s, being the home of serial killer, Dennis Nilson. These days the house looks very middle class and presentable. It's full of swanky furniture and nice lighting and is obviously a family home. In fact, it's the next door property which looks run down and unkempt: the way you might expect a house of horror to appear.

I just don't know I'd be able to live in a place like that. I wouldn't worry so much about the potential dark energy lurking in the fabric of the building, but it would be impossible not to think about what happened, almost constantly. You'd look out of the window and see people staring, or rushing past, or weird and creepy gothic types taking photographs, and you'd instantly be reminded of what happened there. It would never go away. I genuinely think all buildings like that should be pulled down, as is the case with the house on the Hattersley Estate where the Moors Murderers lived.

We came home and customised a pizza for tea with mushrooms, veggie sausages, halloumi and goats' cheese. We ate it on a much-needed evening off in front of the telly, horrified when we returned from our customary Strictly Come Dancing protest walk-out to discover the gurning idiot, Jamelia had got really high marks. In fairness she appears to have got the marks for gurning like an idiot in the Charleston, but I like to think of her as being inept in every way. Exactly half of the judging panel are gay, so I suppose it shows one thing if nothing else: gay men are forgiving and don't hold grudges... Except this one!

It's weird having an evening off. We don't really know what to do with ourselves! Prolly should've gone to the pictures!

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