Sunday, 25 October 2015

Play dough and pumpkins

It's been a day of two halves which split into three, if that's not a contradiction in terms. I always find myself getting a little confused when I wake up and discover British summer time is over. It appeared to be 9am, and yet I'd woken up naturally, feeling as refreshed as a man with a cold coughing up peppermint-coloured phlegm could feel. And it wasn't until Nathan said we'd lost or gained an hour that I realised why I was feeling so chipper. I genuinely don't have the mental capacity to work out whether the clocks went forward or back last night, and whether that means we lost or gained an hour. Then again, I didn't know the difference between an up bow and a down bow until I was fifteen!

We celebrated by watching last night's Strictly Come Dancing on iPlayer. In bed. With bowls of Cornflakes and toast. Boom!

We both worked through the late morning and lunch, before heading East to Philippa's to have afternoon tea to celebrate Philippa's Mum's 70th birthday. There were fairy cakes from the Hummingbird Bakery, which were delicious, although knocked into a tin-hat by Philippa's home made chocolate and banana loaf which was heavenly.

As a birthday present for Kate, I endeavoured to take a photograph of all three generations of her family. We went into the garden and the results were predictably eccentric! Deia (goddaughter number one) wore an enormous bucket on her head whilst Silver (goddaughter number two) stood in the foreground bouncing on a trampoline. Minutes later, Deia climbed a tree onto the conservatory roof and Silver scaled a nearby wall, so the adults were forced to reposition themselves to make the photo look like it was meant to be like that!

Nathan and Dylan spent much of the afternoon learning card tricks, whilst I made a bat out of pink play dough and carved a pumpkin. Sometimes I think it must be very lovely to have children if not just so there's an excuse for intense bouts of crafting!

We came home and carried on working, giving ourselves the end time of 9pm so that we could sit down and watch some telly together. But that didn't happen.

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