Saturday, 17 October 2015

Shit Pop

We had a good meeting down in Kentish Town today which probably means we'll sleep well tonight for the first time in an age. It may just be that we've found a path through the dark, dense forest.

We took ourselves for lunch at Renoir on the High Street and were joined by the ever-luminous Anthony "Ding Dong" Harris, who kept us brilliantly entertained for an hour with tales from his Gilbert and Sullivan tour of Britain. They're off to Cardiff and then Blackpool next. God help them!

We went to a cafe to do some work before heading to the gym and then winding our way up to Highgate to sit at the kitchen table until 8pm doing more writing. There was more than a whiff of renewed vigour about the way we were working! Let's hope it lasts a little longer!

I'm watching a programme about Brit Pop right now, and marvelling at how awfully and scruffily dressed everyone was in the 1990s. People look so hideous, with their silly hair dos and "I had to try very hard to make myself look this unkempt" looks! It was very much the decade time forget. Fashion, music, the film industry... All swept under the carpet by a typically English obsession with being too cool for school, and, at the other end of the spectrum, Steps...

There was a programme earlier on about pop singles with a load of people chopsing about their memories of all aspects of the charts... Though quite how they managed to make a programme about singles without mentioning ABBA I've no idea! There was much discussion about the first single people had bought and the first single they'd "made out to." I don't believe I've ever made out to a pop song but the first single I bought was ABBA's Super Trouper. It was an "early in life" purchase. I was six, I think, but I saved up my pocket money for what seemed like a considerable number of weeks.

I'd be very interested to hear about the purchases those reading this blog made when they first became members of the single-buying public... And if anyone would like to be brave enough to admit to the first song they ever made out to, I'd be doubly interested to hear those tales!

I found myself having a little trawl on the internet today and found a film I shot in 2007, which it turns out I'm actually rather proud of. If you have a spare 3'14" at any point this weekend, please take a look.

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