Thursday, 29 October 2015

Little side shuffles

We finished work at 9pm, which felt rather early by present standards. We both reached a logical place to stop and took ourselves to the local pizza place for a take away pasta which we ate with salad in front of last Sunday's X Factor, which was, just like Saturday night's episode, a true road crash. As soon as the two presenters started shouting at the camera, Nathan remarked that he'd never heard so many speech impediments in one piece to camera. Ollie Murs can't pronounce his "th's" and Caroline Flack has so much vocal damage, she can't pop into her head voice without making a squeaking sound. It's all very strange and together they feel rather low rent. Neither presenter seems capable of dealing with anything out of the ordinary. You see them glazing over when things don't go quite to plan or someone says something which isn't scripted. There's a tendency for them to drift across the stage as they talk... Pointless little side shuffles, which in the olden days Dermot would have made purposeful and realistic, despite everyone secretly
knowing he was only moving for the sake of having a bit of motion on camera.

I was thrilled to see one of the male contestants singing a Kate Bush song and dedicating it to his mother. The fact that he was also wearing a frock, without any sense of irony, sent him right up in my estimation. He's suddenly made the show worth watching again. How wonderful it is to live in a world where a man can wear a dress on prime time telly without it seeming odd? Times really are a-changing. He's doing it with panache, by the way. It was a remarkably funky frock and he looked brilliant in it.

Llio popped by for lunch today, which gave us a pleasant little break from the grindstone, but other than that, I've spent the entire day wearing headphones and sitting at the kitchen table, periodically vanishing into the loft to play the odd bar of music before returning. 

I've nothing else to say!

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