Friday, 23 October 2015


I'm having a quiet night tonight. Nathan is doing a gig in Hampshire, I have a cold and got up way too early, so everything is swimming around a little. I can't say it's an unpleasant feeling. I'm rather relaxed, as it happens. I keep popping into the loft to do a bit more writing. I've had spaghetti on toast for me tea...

James Bond is on the telly. I don't know if this is the network premiere of Sky Fall, but 9pm on an ordinary Friday seems a little inauspicious as a first airing for the one of the biggest grossing films of all time. Not that I care. I absolutely hate James Bond films. They're utterly ludicrous. Everyone says this one's the best, but it seems just like all the others if you ask me. Boring car chases. Silly villains. Judy Dench being all icy. The only thing I like about James Bond is the theme tunes!

So, we were filming from 8am this morning in our loft. It wasn't the most satisfactory session in the world. We had to wade through a lot of material, much of which was fairly substandard, but there was a large glimmer of hope at the end. We're really enjoying working with our pianist, the wonderful Katharine. Actually, everyone we're working with is called either Kim, Kat, Cat or Katharine, so at least it's difficult to forget a name. We're subdividing the Cats into C-Cat and K-Kat!

It turns out that we're Talk Talk Broadband customers, which doesn't fill me an enormous sense of hope since the entire system was hacked yesterday. Quite what this means for the security of any of my online documents, I've no idea, and no one seems to have a clue what any of us should be doing. Best to do nothing, I suspect... Smile and wave sweetly whilst the world collapses and everyone goes mad!

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