Friday, 2 October 2015

Question Time

We're watching Question Time. I never thought I'd find myself writing this, but I was rather impressed by Charlotte Church. She seemed well-read and articulate and, barring a couple of moments when she got a bit tongue-tied and tangential, I could have mistaken her for a competent politician. Good for her!

The other person I was surprised by on the telly tonight was Anita Rani, who was the focus of Who Do You Think You Are. She's also on Strictly. In fact, she's everywhere at the moment including Channel 4's Four Rooms and Country File. A cynic would say she was doing really well out of the new 15% BME quotas which are being introduced across television networks! I'd hitherto thought she was a little bit vapid if I'm honest, but watching her returning to her family's roots in Northern India was an extremely moving experience, one which forced me to view her in an entirely different light.

Today's been really really tough. The secret project down in Kentish Town is beginning to grind Nathan and me into the ground. Too many constraints are being thrown at us and we literally don't know if we're coming or going which is getting really depressing and very very stressful. We've spent a lot of time on the Heath today walking the mayhem out of our brains and trying to make sense of what's going on and exactly what our roles ought to be in the process. Perhaps we're taking it all a bit too seriously, but then again, what's the point of doing anything at all if you're not prepared to do it with passion?

All will, of course, become clear when the project is announced, and you'll suddenly understand what we've been doing and why we've struggled.

We walked home across the Heath and then I sat in the kitchen table and worked on Brass this evening, realising I'd made a significant mistake in a master document which, though I'm glad I spotted, meant I had to re-do two scores and about eight separate parts. A highly frustrating process. And still it continues...

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