Thursday, 1 October 2015

No sleep

I didn't sleep at all last night worrying about my present work load and genuinely not being able to see a way through to Christmas which doesn't involve some form of heart attack!

Every time I feel I'm getting close to finishing Brass, something else pops up. Today, for example, I discovered twenty underscore music cues which all need to be formatted. There are play-outs to orchestrate, PDFs to merge. At 11pm today, we finally finished going through the scores for the twenty two songs, comparing the texts in both the vocal scores and the full scores with the book. That particular task has taken up all our spare time for the last five days.

Our only time off today was taken whilst eating stir fry in front of the semi-final of The Great British Bake Off. We were incredibly disappointed to lose...


The lovely Flora... Who is only eighteen or something, but so graceful and luminous with such a grown up head on her shoulders. She went out tonight with great dignity. I feel sure she'll be gracing our screens again very shortly.

We love Nadia as well, though, and the soufflé challenge was beyond exciting.

Is it just me, or does the season seem to have flown by? I'm quite convinced they should have at least two more episodes per season.

Anyway. I can't believe I'm blogging about the Bake Off. I'm too tired to construct any other sentences, however, so it might be time to wish you all a wonderful night (or day, for those of you who read this blog over breakfast.)

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