Sunday, 23 February 2014

Brass is cast!

What I forgot I mention yesterday is quite what a treat it's been to hear songs from Brass sung for the first time. I am touched, in fact a little grateful that people have spend so much time inside my songs, learning them, interpreting them. Eliza's big number seems to have struck a particular chord. Nathan says it's the show's big hit, the one they'll be auditioning with at drama schools in five years' time.

I held my breath when I heard it for the first time...

Hilary said something which was very lovely to hear, namely that she quite forgot throughout the day yesterday that we were listening to songs from anything other than a well-established West End show. Isn't that lovely?

It's now 11pm, and Brass is fully cast! It took us four hours after the recalls finished, and there was an astonishing amount of somewhat bitter tussling going on with the other two productions over who wanted to cast who.  We were informed at one point that one of the girls we were potentially interested in, a girl from Leeds, wasn't interested in doing a show in Leeds and was only interested in performing in The Hired Man in London! Our director, Sara Kestelman was horrified; "what? She's turned down the opportunity to create a role in a new musical!? Why on earth did she bother to come to the recall!" Some little divas start acting up rather young these days. Oh well. Her loss! We have the most stunning, stunning cast and I am absolutely thrilled.

I actually can't believe it's done. I'm scared, excited, relieved, happy, scared, relieved, excited, exhausted, scared, scared...

Anyway. I can barely keep my eyes open. Time for bed!


  1. Felizidades, and I know lots of people , me included have been sharing these emotions along the way with you, xx

  2. You alwys hurt the one you love ....etc. and you both have love for each other in shed loads xxxxxx