Sunday, 9 February 2014

Patter scatter

We've just finished another day of auditions for Brass and I'm so tired I could fall over. I think general tiredness caused me to get a little hysterical in the last session of the day. One girl arrived wanting to sing I'm Not Getting Married by Sondheim, which, those who know musical theatre will recognise as a patter song; the sort of song where the words go by at lightning speed. Lots of words mean lots of dots, and the poor girl arrived with 26 loose pages of A4 manuscript, printed with pink ink which she proudly handed to the pianist, another Ben, who looked over to me with a panicked grin and asked if I'd page turn.

As I walked over he whispered in my ear that he thought we "might be heading for a car crash..." He wasn't far wrong!

As it happened, the girl auditioning was doing a rather good job, but behind the scenes the two of us were descending into absolute chaos. There was paper flying all over the place and I started giggling like a school boy. Tears were actually rolling down my face by the time the song finished, and the poor girl singing, who had her back to us, didn't have a clue why everyone in the room was laughing!

I came home and immediately started prepping material for the recalls, whilst Nathan sat on the sofa next to me working on the Channel 4 piece.

I have much much more to do before turning in, so will need to wrap this blog post up and get on with things.

I suppose all we can do is chisel away at our interminable list. In a month's time we'll look back and think "wow, look at everything we achieved in that short period of time!" Keeping an eye on the horizon is vital for our sanity!

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