Tuesday, 25 February 2014


It's 9pm, and we've just finished a six hour production meeting with people from Channel Four. I couldn't believe it when I saw the time. There was, admittedly, something quite nice about everyone being together in the office until late, but I've now reached brain-saturation point. I'm trying to orchestrate a song that Nathan has written for the film. I really can't find the right feel for it and am on my umpteenth variant. To give an indication of quite how far off the mark I've been, I played it back, and discovered I'd made it a full minute slower than Nathan had envisaged!

I guess some people are more natural arrangers of music than others.

I think I may have to go through the night to get this arrangement done and dusted, which is a fairly awful thought... but needs must, and I'll be grateful in the long run that I took time to do things properly.

They were lovely in the meeting today; hugely respectful about the work I'd done on the music so far. But even the merest, seemingly innocuous lyric change tends to have a catastrophic knock-on effect. I spent a full half an hour changing just two bars earlier! Sadly that's the intricate nature of what I've been writing. It's difficult to un-stitch and re-stitch things.

Anyway, I've been horrible to Nathan all night. Stress always makes us lash out at the ones we love most of all doesn't it?

I had osteopathy this morning. It seems like a long time ago and I'm not sure it's doing a great deal of good, neither am I sure I could expect to get much better whilst things are so manic.

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