Saturday, 8 February 2014

Love conquers all

I can't even remember getting up this morning. It seems such a long time ago, probably because the day was split into so many little self-contained chunks which happened in different London locations.

I worked through the morning and then through lunch, mostly on our project for channel 4, which stretches out in front of me like a very short, but excessively deep river! By April it will have happened. The following week I go into rehearsals for Brass. My life is insane!

We went over to Abbie's this afternoon to record her singing demo tracks for the NYMT recalls. I was fairly astounded by how fast she picked the tunes up. There are some pretty complicated rhythms and a number of tricky intervals floating about within the three songs she sang, all of which she tackled fearlessly. She also seems to have fallen in love with Eliza's big ballad in Brass. It will be lovely to hear her perform it when she's had a chance to sing it into her voice.

From Abbie's it was back to Archie's offices in Tufnell Park where we had a three hour evening meeting, plotting the C4 film in terms of who needs to do what and by when.

And that was pretty much my day. Not very interesting for a reader, I'm afraid. I could lie and say I went to Blackpool and back to tap dance in the ballroom there, but hard graft never makes for good prose!

If only I could announce what I'm up to!

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