Monday, 10 February 2014


I shan't lie. It's been a frustrating day. The house is a mess. We're too busy to tidy up. It's done nothing but rain all day, so we've not really left the house. And my sodding computer, with it's limited capabilities and blessed Windows 8 operating system has been sluggish and glitchy all day. At one point it crashed every time I played anything on my music writing software, and at some point along the line, it decided it no longer had the capacity to process emails. It seems that my computer packs up without fail every time I start a period of manic busyness. A new commission lands in the proverbial in tray and the computer immediately goes AWOL. Sometimes I wonder if my slightly nervous start-of-a-project energy somehow clashes with the electricity within the machine and then I realise I'm not Stephen King's Carrie!  I'm pretty sure some of the blame has to lie with the dreadful quality of PCs these days. ACER computers strike me as particularly awful. I keep telling them as much on twitter, but they don't seem that interested. Anti-virus software is also a factor.  In the early afternoon, before a plate of food at the local cafe revived me, I felt myself sinking under the pressure of the enormity of the task we have ahead of us. A friend of mine once said, "I'm one computer crash away from the loony bin" and today I knew exactly how she felt!

It's 9.30pm, we're still working, and yet it somehow doesn't feel like we've achieved anything, which is an awful sensation to have at the end of a day. Time seems to have evaporated like drops of water on a gas ring! This must be what it feels like to be 99 years old. I'm told the notion of time speeds up the older you get.

Still, tomorrow is another day, and I shall attempt to wake up early to really crack on with things to avoid this feeling for a second night in a row!

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