Thursday, 13 February 2014

No pounds

So today, George Osborne would appear to have told the Scots that if they opt for independence they can't be expected to share a currency with their old bed fellows. The Scots are claiming that this is an example of Westminster bullying the Scots and using scare-mongering tactics to keep them inside the union.

Surely, the whole point of independence is, well, independence. I'm actually all for Scottish independence, but only if it actually means independence, and not some half-baked half-way-house compromise which means English money gets pumped into Scotland to bail them out whenever they get into trouble. In my view, you're either in or you're out...

Last night, upon returning from our traffic jam hell, I switched on my computer to discover that the file I'd been working on for the past two days had managed to corrupt itself. Heaven knows how. You pay the best part of $200 for a fancy upgrade and your loyalty is rewarded with melt-down!

Archway Road was not a pleasant place to be last night. There were gales within and without our flat. I rushed around, like a whirling dervish, cursing my life, cursing technology, cursing poor Nathan...

Anyway, the issue sorted itself out just before midnight, as these things tend to just as you're about to defenestrate the inanimate objects which are causing you the most pain...

I kept waking up in the night, and rushing into the sitting room to jot down the copious ideas floating around in my head.

I got up very early, and have spent the entire day writing. As a result, I finally feel like I'm crawling forward rather than from side to side. I even managed a little run this afternoon, which felt rather lovely. I was out as the sun was setting; the first bit of proper sun I feel like we've seen in a while. It was freezing cold, however. I stopped at one point to talk to my neighbour Keeley and had to run away because standing still was so uncomfortable. Keeley was with her baby, and they were wrapped up together in a sort of papoose, and I felt rather envious that they had each other's warmth!

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  1. News papers around the windows and doors, or some such thing, What is the saying , One has to suffer for ones art, Ben you both suffer in my opinion far too much but the end desults are sooooo worth it love too you both xxxxxx