Friday, 7 February 2014

Dividing the day into chunks

It's gonna be a long night I suspect... Nathan and I are trying to record learning files for the kids who are being recalled for Brass at the end of the month. It seems to be taking a ridiculous amount of time, which I could do without right now. Nathan recorded one vocal, with a rasp in his voice due to exhaustion and I recorded the other in the style of someone who'd never breathed in his life before!

We found out on Tuesday that the project we were working towards at Channel 4 has been green lit. Hurrah! Hurree! Harooo! I'm afraid until the project is announced officially, I'm not allowed to tell you anything more about it, but suffice to say it's incredibly exciting and will force both of us to work harder than perhaps we ever have before... I am now splitting my days into chunks which enable me to move forward on both Brass and the Channel 4 project. It's relentless, but it certainly worked okay today. I managed to write and orchestrate a two-minute song on the C4 project, prep half of the audition scores for Brass, and begin the process of orchestrating the opening number for Brass. The songs just keep appearing in the script... Just as you think you're nearing the end, another one crops up and whispers "remember me?"

At the same time I'm back on a weight loss programme, so until my metabolism settles I might be a bit grumpy!

This evening we went for a lovely dinner in Soho with the commissioning editor in charge of our new project at C4, Archie and our new project co-ordinator, Sean.

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