Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Love is everything

It’s been another insane day, which started at shit o’clock, and by all accounts is still going. We were up at Alexandra Palace in the early afternoon, having our photos taken for Channel 4. It was all a little embarrassing. Photo shoots can be painful at the best of time and I felt incredibly self-conscious, particularly when the shoot went outdoors, and members of the public stopped and started watching. It was nice to be out in the sunshine, however. Up there, at the very top of London, spring is definitely on its way. Little daffodils were poking up through the grass and some of the trees were sprouting early blossom. This time last year I’m pretty sure we were still under hundreds of feet of snow.

We had another epic production meeting tonight which lasted until 9pm. I think there were about ten of us sitting around a table, eating biscuits, drinking cups of tea and talking through the project in minuscule detail. There’s so much to do, and everything is taking an absolute age to slot into place from a logistics perspective. When you’re dealing with big names, you’re also dealing with considerable egos, and, quite understandably, people wanting to know what’s in it for them. So we look at the demands and requests in relation to what we perceive as integral to our film. It’s a rather fragile balancing which can be incredibly stressful. I start sessions in the recording studio on Monday and obviously everything needs to be orchestrated long in advance. Cue panic, because, with three days to go, I still have no idea what two of the songs are actually even going to be. It’s times like this I wish I were a little more laid back. But I can only do my best I suppose.  

Still, it comes to something, doesn’t it, when you’re still writing music at midnight!? Nathan is in the next door room still writing lyrics. I read the Channel 4 press release today which described this as my most ambitious project to date. They’re really not wrong!

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