Wednesday, 12 February 2014

When there simply aren't enough hours

We left the house at 2.30pm today for two short meetings, and returned at almost 8pm, feeling like almost nothing had been achieved! The problem was, of course, London traffic. Our first meeting was in Harringey, the second, in Hackney. Parking in both areas was a massive problem. We ended up in supermarket car parks worrying that someone would come and clamp us. Traffic was close to ghastly. We could have driven to Northampton and back in the time it took us to snake our way through North East London. On the way home we got stranded somewhere near Finsbury Park. The one road which gets people out of that particular hell hole was flooded, and we ended up on a wild goose-chase, heading in ever-larger circles around the Emirates Stadium, as Arsenal fans wandered aimlessly in the middle of the road, heading towards their temple. 3/4 of an hour after leaving Hackney, we were two blocks away from the place where our adventure had begun. The only difference was that a little piece of me died in the meantime! I think the most horrifying thing in the world is trying to drive along the Holloway Road in the midst of rush hour/ football match traffic.

I'm trying my very hardest to work. I got up extra specially early today to do just that, but when you're dealing with telly people, who, justifiably want copious meetings to check that everything's going smoothly, sometimes the process of creativity gets placed rather far down the list of priorities! Instead of actually doing good work, you're asked to provide documents to prove that good work is being done! Criticisms are then offered before you've had a chance to create something which you feel is good enough to criticise! And of course, if your work isn't of a high enough standard, the TV executives potentially panic because they're the ones spending the money and they don't necessarily know that your actual writing time in a week has been limited to about ten hours! It's a difficult quandary. And sitting in a slow moving car is utterly exhausting!

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