Tuesday, 11 February 2014


So, today my computer decided it was going to randomly upload Windows 8.1, which took several hours and had the effect of rendering my music writing software unusable until I'd downloaded a newer version of that! Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped writing music with pen and paper. Mind you, that particular process brought its own set of frustrations; ink smudging, paper ripping when you rubbed out the pencil marks, the time-consuming hell of using a ruler to make professional-looking note stems... I once left a carpet bag filled to the brim with first draft scores of my musical, Letter to a Daughter, on Hampstead Heath. There were no back-ups because I'd not yet photocopied what I'd written! I only realised I'd lost the bag when I got home that night. My great friend Meriel, my housemate at the time, got up before dawn with me, and we walked across the Heath together, looking for the bag as the sun rose. As luck would have it, we found it nestling under a tree. It had rained in the night, but the music had remained dry and unharmed.

Today we went to visit a potential filming location for our Channel 4 project. It's quite simply breathtaking; the sort of building which causes you to audibly gasp as you enter. As we walked in, I whispered in Nathan's ear, "promise me if we ever get married, we can get married here!"

We came back from the location and went straight into a meeting at Archie's offices about the project. Of course, if you have too many meetings, you end up in a position where you don't actually end up doing anything you need to do and we have so much to do, and such little time in which to do it!

I came home and worked until about ten minutes ago, finally starting to put down some markers on one of the songs, before breaking off to have a conference call with Julian, our music man.

Absolute mayhem. Truly!

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