Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I've just finished work for the day. It's 10pm, which is not at all bad by present standards! We're heading out right now for a vegetarian kebab. There's no food in the house and Nathan is coming down with some kind of 'flu, so we've decided to snuggle up under a duvet and watch an episode of Mr Selfridge before bed.

I glanced out of the window at about 5pm this evening, and noticed, on the horizon behind the trees, the most extraordinary smudge of luminosity, almost as though there were an enormous fire a mile or so away.  It took me a while to understand what was going on. The pale stone of Alexandra Palace had caught the last few rays of the day's sun, and was glowing a vivid shade of pink. A shade of pink I'd never seen before. It was breathtakingly beautiful, made perhaps even more spectacular because it was being framed by a dark storm cloud. Yet again, nature strives to blind side us with its profound beauty.

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  1. Lovely to read your blogs, but a bit concerned that Nathan has another bug, infection, try get him to the Docs, ok! I know it is a very stressful time so now is the time to really lok after yourselve, Dad speaking with love xxxx